Which bitch are you?

By Paul T

Sometimes when I’m at Indigo I wander the aisles and pick up books that I’m drawn to. Yesterday, as I walked through the career section, the book that leapt out at me was Working with Bitches by Meredith Fuller. At certain points in my career I have worked with men and women that I would classify as ‘bitch’, so the title spoke to me.

After scanning the book, the thought that crossed my mind was surprisingly not of a specific bitch from my past, but rather the question ‘Which bitch am I?’ I am all too ready to point out examples of others, but it’s not often that I stop to assess my own behaviour. I mean, aren’t we all bitches to someone given the right circumstances?

Ms. Fuller believes there are 8 types of bitches:


This list encouraged me to do some productive navel-gazing. I know I am guilty of being an Excluder at times. If someone upsets me, my knee-jerk reaction is to ignore and avoid them. While this does get me out of some uncomfortable situations, I imagine it might be hurtful to the unwitting recipient of this behaviour. Does this make me a bad person? I don’t think so. Flawed maybe, but aren’t we all?

I think the key is being aware of which bitch(es) we are. If we are aware we can learn to manage these behaviours and possibly spare our friends, colleagues and acquaintances some grief.

So I ask you – which bitch are you?

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