Grown Ups

This week, a comic.  PT


What does being a grown up mean to you?

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2 Responses to Grown Ups

  1. JL says:

    Having difficult conversations, making tough decisions, taking risks…all of the things I hate to do but it also means making a decision that you know is right for you and not being apologetic about it, even if it’s against the tide and people don’t like it. Man I wish I have a giant ball playpen at home! That’s a GOOD idea!!

  2. cinova says:

    Being a ‘grown up’ means being accountable for your words and deeds, not shirking responsibilities. Personally I feel as though I have ‘grown into’ my adult self (‘up’ suggests some kind of superior or elevated status). Growing into life as an adult involves accepting the task of being an active citizen of the world, contributing to community, being a role model for those who are still ‘growing up’. And feeling confident enough to still embrace life as you did before you became a ‘grown up’.

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