Adopting the post-obedient mindset

This week, I figured I would share a blog post from Seth Godin. I find the perspective he shares to be equal parts liberating and scary, in that it puts a lot of responsibility on the individual.   Paul T _____________________________________________________________

By Seth Godin –

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to whine that there’s nothing to do in this town.

Or for college students to talk about the limits of their institution, about the paucity of opportunities at the placement office or the lack of campus activities.

And of course, those that complain that the boss won’t let me.

All three complaints are based on a view of the world that requires permission and easy access.

In the connection economy, the valuable asset is the ability to convene. When we are able to initiate, to make something happen and to be trusted, we not only create value, we create a life.

So in the post-obedience world, that means that the entire world is available, not just what’s on campus or within a skateboard ride of your house. It means that the best jobs are off campus, and that the limits of any (every) institution are actually magical boundaries, because knowing where they are makes them easier to cross.

And crossing boundaries is where we thrive.

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