What are your gifts?

By Paul T

I was very lucky to have a mentor during my twenties. Her teachings & perspectives had a big impact on me in terms of shaping my world view and showing me how to create the life that I want.

She taught me that the first task in building the life you want is to figure out what your gifts & talents are. You know, the things that you do better than most, that you enjoy doing and (arguably most importantly) help others. Once you have figured out what these things are then your job is to do them as much as possible. Sounds simple but for some there is a lot of work involved.


Personally, it took me many years to figure out what my gifts are. I didn’t know where to start. I spent my twenties working a wide range of jobs. At times I felt like I was drifting aimlessly. In the end though I realized that when I looked back on all of my experiences and made a list of all the things I enjoyed doing, I was able to figure out what my gifts are. I just needed to get my hands dirty and start having some experiences in the world.

I now know that I love bringing order & organization to chaotic situations (especially using MS Excel…) and that I have a knack for motivating people to figure out what they are passionate about and then take risks to manifest what they want. Both of these things help others and energize me. I have made it a point to seek out this type of work.

The funny thing is that once you are able to articulate what your gifts & talents are, the potential to find opportunities that allow you to utilize them is limitless. When you speak about your aptitudes (coming from a genuine place of inspiration and passion, not bragging…) you move and inspire people. Most people will want to help you find that type of work. Even if they can’t help you in the moment they will think of you when related opportunities come up.

As well, when you are clear about what you are good at you will recognize when you are presented with opportunities to do more of it. Opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

So what is your gift? If you aren’t able to answer that question easily I challenge you to dig deeper and reflect on your experiences. Or work on having a wider range of experiences…

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One Response to What are your gifts?

  1. AB says:

    Great post, pt. And an important question. Thank you.

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