Lyric Wisdom

By Paul T

In the battle against fear, anxiety and other impediments to making conscious change, one effective tool is music. I use music to stay grounded; in particular I find the wisdom in the lyrics of the following 3 songs helps me to stay focused on the bigger picture. Take a listen.

Uncharted by Sara Bareilles



Comments: This is my go to song when I’ve decided to do something risky and have doubts… I love this light-hearted take on charting your own path. Favourite line: “Compare where you are to where you want to be, and you’ll get nowhere.”

Beauty by Shaye



Comments: Many of the big choices we make lead us to forge our own path, and leave behind what we know. This song beautifully captures the experience of leaving the known and taking a step into the unknown.

Brother Sister by the Brand New Heavies



Comments: This song is a fun take on how to navigate the challenges that life throws at us. It’s a song written for young adults, but I think it contains advice & perspective for people of all ages.

I’ve got a few other songs in my arsenal, but  many are a bit too embarassing to share 🙂 What songs do you listen to for inspiration?

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