Living Consciously…. Like Magneto!

By Paul T

Sometimes I make random connections. Yesterday was one of those days. I was sitting in the subway and my mind wandered… I’m not sure what prompted it, but it occurred to me that living consciously is not unlike a scene featuring Magneto from one of the X-men movies. Let me explain.

magnetoFirstly, for those of you who don’t know, Magneto is one of the main bad guys in the X-Men series. His amazing mutant ability? To attract metal, which he is then able to manipulate in various ways to bend to his will to manifest what he wants.

I had intended to include a link to a clip of the scene, but sadly couldn’t find one. Instead, a description.

You might remember it: Magneto is escaping from some sort of facility. He enters a large room with a gaping pit. Does the chasm stop him? No. He scans the room and sees that there are many available metal parts and panels. He uses his mutant powers to pull the metal parts out of their resting places and bring them in close. He then uses these metal parts to create a bridge, which he casually walks across. He accomplishes the impossible using the power of his mind and exerting controlled effort. (keep in mind it’s been a few years since I’ve seen the X-men movies, so I might not have all details right…)

So, how does this scene relate to living consciously?

When one moves away from the routine of day to day life, and consciously makes a decision to move in a new direction, it is quite like taking a leap of faith. Into a big. gaping. black. pit. Nothing is visible – so many possibilities. So much cause for anxiety & worry. And at the same time, hope & excitement.

The strange thing is that even though I have taken many of these leaps of faith, I have been able to manifest the reality that I wanted. Through conscious effort. By scanning the landscape and looking for materials (opportunities) that I could use to move forward on my chosen path. I used my super power: I connected with the people that I know and love and asked for help. I put the word out. I made new friends and asked for help. I co-created my new reality. I researched. I generated opportunities on my own. I made it happen.

To make your dreams come true, look to Magneto. Take a step into the chasm and make the effort to find the opportunities that you need to create what you want.

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2 Responses to Living Consciously…. Like Magneto!

  1. AB says:

    Love this, PT! Thanks for the words of inspiration.

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