Are you a Lion?

By Paul T

If you are a lion, or want to be a lion, then this blog is for you.

What is a lion? I should probably explain…

I was reading The Book of Understanding by Osho this week and realized that one of the passages he wrote clearly articulates my target audience for this blog. He spoke of 3 stages of human development towards consciousness – the camel, the lion and the child. I will attempt to explain what these are (the book is sitting handily on my desk at work so I am doing this from memory…):

* The Camel. This is the first stage of development. As a child our job is to absorb information from our parents, teachers, tv, etc. We store and retain information like a camel does water. Our job is not to question or be suspicious. We learn how to behave in social situations. We learn right from wrong. This is an essential stage – we must go through this stage to get past it. It is externally focused rather than internally focused.

* The Lion. At a certain point one is ready to strike out on their own, and to find their own path. This second stage is ego-centric – it is internally focused rather than externally focused. In this phase the job is to rebel and make choices based on intuition and introspection – we no longer look to parents and teachers to make our decisions.

* The Child. The third stage is not a reversion back to being a child – but to a child-like innocence. Having experienced both the Camel & Lion stages one is able to be innocent and in the moment. Responsive and fully awake.

Osho suggests that most people are trapped in the camel stage (he says 99% but I think it might be an exaggeration…. most days). Let’s be honest though – there’s a lot of pressure out there to conform and be one of the herd. Especially now with the scrutiny of social media and our general loss of privacy.

This blog is aimed at the camels out there that are ready to become lions, and to new lions. I (and the contributing bloggers) have made some progress on the path to becoming lions ourselves and have lived to tell the tale. I want this blog to be a platform for us to share our collective experiences in hopes of helping those that want to make big changes in their life but are afraid. Or lost. Or maybe just a bit lazy 🙂 We aren’t experts by an stretch – so please (kindly) speak up if your experiences differ.

And know that you’re not alone.

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